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SNT Community Voting DApp

SNT Community Voting DApp

The Status Community Voting DApp v.0.1 has been released!

This is the second iteration of the SNT voting DApp used to vote on Keycard names, and appropriately, it’s the community who brought version 0.1 to life. The project was delivered entirely by bounty contributors on GitCoin, and any further updates will also be community-driven.

Thanks to our contributors, the Status Voting DApp now allows other community member to open their own polls and leverage our mini-me based Quadratic voting system.

Community-driven sentiment on your ideas is just a few clicks away.
To start your own poll, navigate to (or find it in the Status DApp list).

Click the pencil in the top right hand corner and “Create a poll.” Then fill in the relevant poll information, title and description.

Next, add as many options for your poll as you wish. The most effective polls have a limited set of options for a clearer read on sentiment.

After adding options and descriptions, you’ll be shown a calendar. Your poll will start today, but you can set a custom end date to close the poll whenever you’d like.

Sign the transaction and you’re done! You can now share your poll with others to collect their preferences. Because all polls utilize SNT mini-me functionality—in which tokens are not burned, but rather, balances queried at specific blocks—it costs only a small amount of gas for users to vote.

Governance mechanisms like this one will eventually play a huge part in the development of the Status network, and are to the benefit of the community that built it. Check out some of the issues completed by our open source contributors for more detail.

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