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v1.1 Release - Import Ethereum Address & Chat Improvements

v1.1 Release - Import Ethereum Address & Chat Improvements

The first full release since our official launch, v1.1 delivers a highly requested wallet feature, as well as several improvements to chat UX and performance.  Update in the App and Playstore if you have disabled autoupdates.

First, by popular request: import other Ethereum addresses using a private key or seed phrase inside the wallet! Now you can manage even more of your accounts in one place. From the wallet, use the “Add account” menu to do so.

In our ongoing effort to make decentralized chat better and more enjoyable, we’ve introduced a “Mark all as read” option for busy public channels. You can find this option in the [...] menu of a public chat.

Along with this, we’ve changed the unread message badge for public chats to be less intrusive and included a few other points of UI polish.

To improve performance, we’ve also changed the number of messages loading on your app at a given time. This means you’ll be able to load public chats more quickly, and that your home screen will update faster, too.

Finally, we have made some improvements to ENS names. We updated to the new ENS registry, improved the display of ENS names in chat and fixed a bug caused by overly lengthy usernames.


- Import other accounts from private key or seed phrase within your wallet!

- "Mark all as read" option for public chats

- Added search to currencies and assets

- Added qr code reader for scanning QR when add watch-only address


- Offloaded out-of-view chat messages

- All chat dialogs moved to bottom sheet

- Improved ENS display in public chat

- Reworked unread message indicator in public chats

- Deep link handling (renamed to


- Android app UI slow to load after running in background

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Update in the App and Playstore if you have disabled autoupdates. APK available here

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