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v0.9.30 Release – Extensions, ENS Names, and more!

v0.9.30 Release – Extensions, ENS Names, and more!

The Status Hackathon - #CryptoLife is taking place in Prague this weekend (October 26 - 28), so this release goes out to the developers who will be hacking with us both at the event and around the world.


Building a DApp? You can now extend Status functionality to make your DApp’s features mobile and accessible to more users! We now allow you to create custom chat commands using a newly-exposed set of Status components, queries and events (e.g. ‘ethereum/call’ and ‘ethereum/send-transaction’). Extensions are data-based and totally decentralized. To start building, visit for instructions.

Ethereum Name Service

For those who aren’t hacking, we have some nice changes in here for you, too! An especially exciting addition comes with the launch of our new username registration DApp. To claim a ‘stateofus.eth’ username, navigate to your profile and select ENS Names.

Your ENS name can be used in place of your wallet address and contact code. Once registered, share your name with friends so they can start new chats or send you transactions simply by using [your name].stateofus.eth.

Greater Privacy and Security

One other important thing to note: shaking your phone will no longer start a bug report. We removed our reporting tool for greater privacy & security. Instead, if you have any questions or requests, please ping us in #status.


  • ENS registration link on profile screen
  • Kudos tokens for the Status #CryptoLife Hackathon
  • Reply and quote a message in chat. Long tap a message and tap Reply.
  • Chat now resolves all .eth address
  • New Farsi and Latin American Spanish translations
  • Every Dapp gets its own built in chat room. Tap the chat icon from the Dapp browser to start chatting
  • Added Kickback Dapp
  • New custom RPC networks for POA Network and xDAI Chain


  • Anonymous names now shown in chats and profile
  • Disabled "sign transaction" button when offline
  • Renamed default international public chats to ensure universal links would work. For example “status 中文” was changed to “status-chinese”.
  • Removed Instabug for bug reports. In-app help is now available in #status


  • Fixed an issue where messages are not saved to the database in some circumstances
  • Fixed an error when fetching history on certain accounts
  • Fixed logging in after logout when opening app from a notification
  • Fixed profile QR codeiPhone XS Max improvements

Known Issues

  • POA and xDAI networks are only available for new accounts, not upgrades
  • For more POA and xDAI network considerations see this issue post.

All changes:

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If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update’

For more information, please join us in Status

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