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v0.9.32 Release - Private Group Chats

v0.9.32 Release - Private Group Chats

Introducing beta support for Private group chats!

In this release you’ll find the ability to start private group chats with your friends. These group chats are e2e encrypted and utilize Signal's double ratchet algorithm for guaranteed privacy.  To start chatting go to the Home tab, tap "+", then Start group chat.

There is also beta support for device pairing between all devices. To begin syncing messages and contacts across devices, go to Profile, tap advanced and turn on development mode, now go to devices and tap pair this device.


  • Private group chats with increased security using Signal’s double ratchet algorithm (In beta. Still being tested. Feedback welcome!)
  • Device pairing and syncing with perfect forward secrecy (in dev mode)


  • Support multi-extensions store
  • Restyled wallet onboarding flow, main wallet screen, and sent-transaction screen
  • Faster sign-in


  • Transaction history fixes
  • Updating enabled tokens before navigating to wallet

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Within TestFlight, make sure you see Version 0.9.32 and tap ‘INSTALL.’

If you don’t currently have Status installed, access via TestFlight here:


If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update.’

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