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v1.15 Release - Pin and edit messages, go fast

v1.15 Release - Pin and edit messages, go fast

Status v1.15 introduces a number of new QoL features as well as a suite of updates to the messenger, wallet, and browser. Get your new Status here.

Chat Improvements

Pin messages in chats - We've added the ability for admins or users to pin messages in groups, or one on one chats. Make sure everybody knows the rules, or that nobody misses an update.

Edit messages after sending - Correct a typo before anyone notices, or edit a message for any other reason you like.

QR code scanner in browser - Don't fight with your device's camera or multiple apps to read a QR code, Status can do it for you.

Faster app navigation - We've switched to a different react navigation library that will boost performance all over the application.

Terms of Use

We've updated our Terms of Use, new users and users who update will have to agree to the terms. We'd rather not have any terms but, in short, this is necessary so we don't get sued. If you want to read the new terms, they can be found here. Stay tuned for alternative application distribution methods in the future.

Release Notes

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.


  • Pin messages in chats
  • Edit messages after sending
  • Added QR code scanner to browser
  • Display number of unread mentions in public and communities chats
  • Added password reset
  • Switched to the super speedy react-native-navigation, its very fast
  • Add support for ETH2x-FLI ERC20 token
  • Add support for HEZ ERC20 token


  • Native modals and tabs
  • Improved time to show login screen
  • New, human friendly, terms of use. (We'd rather not have terms at all, but it's a legal requirement, so we've made them embody our principles and the Web3 ethos.)


  • No contact request in Activity Center after 1-1 chat deleted of non-contact user

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