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v1.16 Release - EIP-1559 is here!

v1.16 Release - EIP-1559 is here!

Status v1.16 introduces EIP-1559 support; wallet, keycard, and chat improvements; and lots of bug fixes. Get your new Status here.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.

Wallet Improvements

EIP-1159 support! - The time has come: we've added support for EIP-1559 to Status! Fees will burn as you transact with Ethereum, now directly from Status. If you want some more details on the development that went into this or the decisions that were made, check out the PR here.

Hide/show accounts in your wallet - want to keep certain accounts hidden, or just neaten things up a bit? Now you can with ease!

Delete old or unwanted accounts in wallet - of course, if you want to really neaten things up, you can now delete old or unwanted accounts.

Improved migration to Keycard - better error handling and an all-around smoother experience. Get a Keycard here! Setting one up has never been easier.


  • EIP-1159 support
  • Hide/show wallet accounts
  • Delete wallet accounts
  • Improved notifications for group chats - get notified when someone replies to your message in a group chat.


  • Remove clear history from non-public chats
  • Clear push notifications on read  (Android)
  • Improved migration to Keycard


  • Fix Error when opening 1-1 chat in Activity center for blocked user
  • Long press is long and it makes the message disappear entirely
  • Sort pinned messages by time of pinning
  • Screens with overlapping long usernames
  • Fix some token swap errors in Uniswap
  • Update react-native-webview for better SSL handling
  • App freezes until reopening when signing tx with frozen Keycard
  • Allow to add assets with same name
  • Update DATAcoin name

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